EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns

The first computational platform dedicated to addressing the need to promptly respond to
a pandemic crisis

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The exa-scale ready tool: LiGen™

LiGen™ (Ligand Generator) is the de novo structure based virtual screening software co-designed with the italian super computer center CINECA, engineered to run natively on supercomputers architectures as a key competitive advantage versus other tools. ...READ MORE 


Tangible Chemical Space

Dompé has generated an already available tangible virtual chemical space of 500 Billions of compounds, and will be able to obtain trillions of compounds before the end of 2020. The EXSCALATE platform exploits this huge compound library in exascale HPC virtual screening applications. ...READ MORE 


HPC Performance

Dompé developed an Ultra High Performance Virtual Screening Platform based on LiGenTM and a virtual library of trillion of compounds. 1.2 billion molecules against 1 biological target using on more than 900K hardware threads on the MARCONI Tier-0 system at CINECA. ...READ MORE 




To demonstrate the benefits of code optimization and scalability, Dompé selected the Zika pandemic crisis to support and promote the identification of novel drugs able to address the unmet medical need in terms of effective therapies. ...READ MORE 


Exscalate4CoV: EU’s supercomputing and life science champions gear-up to fight Coronavirus pandemic

18 EU top organizations from 7 countries bid for Horizon 2020 tender against 2019-nCoV ...READ MORE 


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